Named for a colorful red flower that grows in the mountains of Etel’s native Peru, the Cantuta Inn is a modern Bed & Breakfast in historic Harpers Ferry.

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Take a Break From it All

Visit historic Harpers Ferry and take a break from the hectic pace of the modern world. Travel back in time to the Civil War era, or treat yourself to an adventure on the rivers or trails.

Natural Relax
About Us
Etel and Rock have each lived here for over twenty years, marrying in 2005. Since then, they have produced a film festival, owned and operated a restaurant, and began their latest adventure when they opened the Cantuta Inn in 2016. See some of Etel’s poetry here.

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A Relaxing Experience
We understand that your visit to Harpers Ferry, however long or short your stay, is a vacation from the stress and cares of the modern world. At Cantuta Inn Bed & Breakfast, we’re committed to providing a friendly,
Welcome to the Cantuta Inn!
Our Titicaca Room is decorated with original art from the Lake Titicaca region of Peru.
Our Shallow Rooms is decorated with original art from the Lake of Peru.
Cozy Rooms
Our smaller rooms are large in value
Potomac Room
Full bed (sleeps two), private bath, wi-fi
(plus tax)
Shenandoah Room
Full bed (sleeps two), private bath, wi-fi
(plus tax)
Larger Rooms
Stretch out in affordable comfort
Titicaca Room
Queen bed, private bath, wi-fi
(plus tax)
Shallows Room
Queen bed, private bath, wi-fi, small refrigerator
150/night (plus tax)

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